About Us



We bought Demelza in July 2016 from Travelworld the UK Hymer specialists. Having done a huge amount of research we knew we wanted to buy a Hymer as the German design is spectacular.When we heard a Neismann Bischoff was coming in we were delighted. We made a detour via Telford on the way to our sons wedding in Norfolk and bought her on the spot. She was immaculate – she had one very loving owner who had looked after her beautifully for her first 10 years and even left us a card telling us where they had been and how much she had meant to them. We bought her there and then! We will be sending them a Christmas card from her every year telling them about her new adventures.


We had a VW Classic Westfalia for 11 years when our sons were young and enjoyed numerous wonderful adventures touring all over Europe so we are committed camper van owners. We decided now that we are “silver surfers” it was time to upgrade to something with a little more comfort.




We know that many people dream of owning a van like her but can’t manage the initial outlay. We were very lucky to have been left a legacy after Rob’s father died so we decided to invest in something special. We knew he would  look down from his cloud above and enjoy seeing us having happy times together.

We felt we wanted to share her as we are still working and vehicles are better off being used not sitting about in a car park. So we are delighted to be renting her out and enabling others to share her.